How North Belfast Foodbank works

Providing emergency food to people in crisis living in North Belfast.


Food is donated

Schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food to the foodbank. Large collections take place at Tesco Yorkgate and Antrim Road stores annually as part of the Trussell Trust/Tesco UK wide initiative.

Food is sorted and stored

Volunteers help in the warehouse to sort, date and store the donated items. Food is then distributed as required to the two foodbank locations in preparation of giving out to persons who are referred to the foodbank for support.

Professionals identify people in need

North Belfast Foodbank partners with a wide range of professional agencies such as  Surestarts, Wellbeing Centres, Citizen’s Advice and health professionals who identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher.

Clients receive food

Clients bring their voucher to one of the foodbank centres where it can be redeemed for three days’ emergency food. Volunteers pack the shopping for the clients who can have a cup of tea or coffee while they wait.


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